Tokata Youth Center

We are excited to be supporting the design of a new 40,000 square foot building to house the Tokata Youth Center on the Crow Creek Sioux Reservation. Over the past two years, the Tokata Youth Center has operated out of the nearby Suicide Prevention Building, serving over 150 young people through after school daycare, sports activities, and teen nights. This Spring, the Tokata Youth Center engaged SNCC to deliver a schematic design and marketing package to support the project. The SNCC team has made several visits to Crow Creek in the course of planning and design work for future housing on a contiguous site. This on-the-ground experience, together with a conceptual design process carried out with the Tokata Youth Center team, forms the basis for our design proposal, which responds to community needs, cultural protocols, site conditions, and our client’s budget. The two-story Center and the attached multi-purpose gym contain a basketball court, a cafeteria, a commercial kitchen, community and TYC program spaces. The design features passive solar heating and cooling, locally-fabricated insulated concrete panel walls, and a soaring atrium that will vertically connect the common spaces on both levels. We look forward to the continuation of the promising Tokata Youth Center and housing development work with the Crow Creek Sioux community.